Teal Lake, 2021_40x40_Water.jpeg
Dream Moments, 2021_40x30_water.jpeg
Peace Like a River, 2021_48x48_Water.jpe
South of 92, 2021_72x48_Water.jpeg
Hopeful Day, 2021_36x36_Water.jpeg
Poetry Lake , 2021_48x48_Water.jpeg
Let's Be Still, 2021_48x48_Water.jpeg
Lakescape Commission, 2021_48x60_Water.j
South of 92 III, 2021_16x12_Water.jpeg
Just Before Sunset, 2021_60x48_Water.jpe
Memories, 2021_40x40_water.jpeg
Serene Silhouette, 2021_72x36_Water.jpeg


Light of Day, 2020_48x24_Water.jpeg
Reflective Thoughts, 2020_48x48_Water.jp
Without Reservations, 2020_60x48_Water.j
Reflections - Small, 2020_Water.jpeg
Mirror Lake Morning II, 2020_Water.jpeg
Mirror Lake Morning I, 2020_48x48-Water.
Brand New, 2020_48x48_Water.jpeg
Commission, 2020_48x36_Water.jpeg
Diptych Commission, 2020_Water.jpeg
Dawn, 2020_48x36_Water.jpeg
Clear Water II - Commission, 2020_36x48_