Sweet Transparency
Squeeze the Juice.jpeg
On the Wire 40_40.jpeg
Air + Water I and II_36_18.jpeg
Movin and Shakin_60_48.jpeg
Pop Fizz 60_48.jpeg
Boom Box_36_36.jpeg
Oh Baby Baby_48_48.jpeg


Dance Moves_2020_60_48.jpeg
Blue All Over Me I_2020_72_48.jpeg
Dream On I_2020_48_48.jpeg
Blue All Over Me II_2020_60_48.jpeg
Spinning Lights_2020_48_36.jpeg
Bold Strokes_48_48_2020.jpeg
Couldn't Let Go, 2020_30x30.jpeg
Chasing Dreams I and II_2020_36_24.jpeg
Party Plans I and II, 2020_24x18.jpeg
Above and Beyond, 2020_48x36.jpeg
Check Your Baggage I, 2020_48x24.jpeg
You Can't Change Me, 2020_36x36.jpeg
High Hopes I & II, 2020_60x72.jpeg
Americana, 2020_36x36.jpeg
You Can't Change Me II, 2020_30x30.jpeg
Bubbling Up, 2020_48x36.jpeg
Check Your Baggage II, 2020_48x36.jpeg
Running In Circles, 2020_48x48.jpeg
You Do Blue III, 2020_36x36.jpeg
Subtle Lake II, 2020_48x24.jpeg
It's The New Blue, 2020_48x48.jpeg
Check Out, 2020_48x48.jpeg